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10:00 AM

Services are

in-person and online

(see Worship tab for more info). 

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We Are An Open and Affirming Congregatio


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We, having undertaken, for the glory of God,

a pilgrimage of faith,

do mutually in the presence of God

covenant ourselves together in the Church of the Foothills.


We join in spiritual communion

to worship God, to follow Jesus,

to show His Gospel to all people,

and to trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in new dimensions of truth.


We share together the Sacraments,

the Scriptures, the traditions of our past,

the experiences of our present, and our dreams of the future.


We accept with joy God’s gifts

and the promises of eternal life.


We pledge ourselves

to love each other in our differences of belief,

to recognize our kinship with all people,

and to respond with compassion

to the needs of others.

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